Blue One Hospitality Management


Housekeeping is the primary task the hotels need to cater for while providing service to its guests. The hotel management and especially housekeeping department must ensure that the housekeeping functions are performed well in the hotel irrespective of the target guest type, size of hotel, and its location. This is where BlueOne Hospitality’s Housekeeping Department can help you. We understand that the standard of your room impacts the standard of your guests experience.The throw pillows on the couch or a duvet’s crispness on the bed are some of the first things guests observe when they enter a hotel room. Housekeeping represents a hotel’s standards and should be run as effectively and efficiently as possible if you are to retain and increase your accommodations revenues.

The difficulty for hotels has always been making housekeeping departments more efficient, as it is a labour intensive task. With often-volatile daily occupancy levels and a fixed payroll to deal with, hotels risk being overstaffed during low occupancies and short-staffed during high occupancies, making the control of effective and productive manpower a challenge.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your hotel’s housekeeping staff can cut labour costs by up to 25% by greatly reducing expenditures associated with payroll taxes, benefits and high turnover rates that plague so many hotel housekeeping departments.

The housekeeping department also usually has the highest turnover rate at a property. Outsourcing the staff helps reduce not just the direct wages and benefits, but also the recruiting and training costs. Most staffing companies work by contract and offer a fixed monthly cost, so there are no fluctuations month to month.

Outsourcing a department like housekeeping also lets management focus on guest services and marketing, while guests see the end results of a housekeeper’s work.

Services Offered

Cleaning front lobby areas

Cleaning guest and employee restrooms

Cleaning back of house service hallways

Cleaning kitchens and restaurants

Cleaning spas, exercise rooms, and other guest amenity areas

Spotlessly cleaning hotel and resort rooms

Deep cleaning carpets

Caring for hard floors, including stripping and waxing marble, granite, travertine, and other stone surfaces

Among many other services customized to your requirements.